What is Caberra ?

  • We offer the combination of a robust, proven and reliable IoT product with cutting edge artificial intelligence, machine learning and image understanding technology
  • We can focus our creativity and energy to design the optimal solution using latest sensor technology, including video and image understanding to reliably detect a specific situation
  • We benefit from our industry grade, reliable and scalable product  to implement solutions in an extremely economical and fast process without sacrificing security

Caberra Architecture


  • We have learned to keep knowledge and code separate
    • Knowledge comes from users and customers and “drives” Caberra
    • Knowledge changes frequently and at a user defined pace
    • Code defines the product and shall be robust and reliable
  • Human and machine action are equal and the balance between human action and automated function changes over time
  • Video analytics and real time image understanding is a very powerful sensor, ideally used in combination with other sensors