What is Caberra.Detect ?

The standard product Caberra is used to detect certain scenarios through sensor information and then automatically carry out appropriate reactions depending on the situation. The recognition of certain conditions through optical detection by cameras and interpretation with artificial intelligence is only one special form of a sensor. Caberra of course also supports the use of all other commercially available sensors in use today, e.g. for recording temperature, humidity, brightness, machine data, etc.

Caberra Detect uses the functionality of the standard software product Caberra® from IoT40 Systems  in combination with specific hardware (Edge Devices) for (optical) detection of certain situations or objects and allows specific reactions by definition which are automatically executed by the system.

Caberra Detect uses state-of-the-art, knowledge-based system components, i.e. artificial intelligence in conjunction with the proven software product Caberra, which is already in use for many different applications.

Like any system in the field of artificial intelligence, Caberra Detect does not require any case- or application-specific programming, but does require knowledge. This knowledge is the result of a learning process and in the case of Caberra Detect it is usually supplied with the preconfigured system as a so-called Knowledge Pack for certain applications.

Knowledge Packs are the result of a training process which captures the knowledge necessary for the detection of certain objects or scenarios and provides it in a structured form. Knowledge Packs also contain the rules and process definitions required by Caberra to perform the desired action depending on the result of the recognition process.

The Figure above shows the schematic structure of a typical Caberra.Detect solution. Commercially available (IP capable) cameras are used in combination with AI software on edge devices in such a way that predefined situations or objects are detected through a learning process. The reaction to the detected situation is done with the functions offered by Caberra (e.g. text messages, e-mails, voice output, light or sound signals) or more complex processes that can be easily implemented with Caberra.

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